New tops of e-commerce business with SMS messaging

New tops of e-commerce business with SMS messaging

E-commerce market growth and profitability significantly depend on the reliability and flexibility of tools you choose for your company. SMS channel for customers’ communication is the only tool enabling online businesses to transfer information quickly and with guaranteed immediate delivery regardless of the Internet and the recipient’s phone model.

Why SMS is one of the TOP communication channels for your commercial internet activities

Immediacy and high opening rate
Not requiring Internet connection, SMS messaging is a unique channel providing 100% delivery guarantee. 99% of SMS notifications reach the subscribers within seconds and 95% of them open an incoming message within the first 3 minutes after receiving – a crucial advantage, as e-businesses frequently deal with time-sensitive information.

Global reach
According to statistics more than 7 billion people all over the world have a mobile phone with sending and receiving text option installed, regardless of the model and Internet connection. This fact makes SMS a globally adopted and popular messaging tool.

A mobile phone is always at hand: your clients may reopen a message, if necessary, at any time.

Quick and cost effective launch
To start with SMS for business communication, it is enough to come up with a concise text with clear information or call to action. The faster you start – the sooner new customers come.

Target communication
Based on the data available with SMS service (purchase history, location, etc.) you can group your audience, and send messages corresponding with your audience demands.

Simple analytics
Fast and simple analytics of SMS communication will allow your business to determine the effectiveness of mailings, evaluate customers’ behavior and take quick, appropriate measures to improve results.

Limited competition
60% of your competitors ignore SMS marketing. It’s time to gain from their loss!

As an industry expert, we know that e-commerce profitability significantly depends on the instruments and services you choose. Cooperation with an effective platform is a crucial point to succeed in the area of SMS for business communication.

Why to choose ImLink SMS messaging solution for your e-commerce business

As an advanced communication services provider, ImLink offers your brand a huge range of advantages to obtain benefits of SMS messaging and achieve quick sustainable results:

  • Flexible tariffication: Tariffication changes for clients depending on the mobile operator or tariff type.
  • Automation: After non-complicated set up automated SMS will deliver messages to your customer without any manual interference.
  • Technical support: The platform provides a built-in detailed guide for users.
  • Personalized user account: A separate account with all necessary functionality is created for new users registered in the system.
  • Monitoring: Enhanced online reporting for the customers and platform owner is supported. The content tracking and moderation panel operates with prompt intervention possibility.
  • Uncomplicated API: Simple integration with main protocols: HTTP, SMPP, XML. Implemented modules for clear integration with popular CRM systems.

Your marketing strategy will become more solid and cost effective in case you combine an SMS communication channel with the others via Cascade, which will provide cost optimization and аll multimedia possibilities usage in one bulking session.

ImLink offers your business all available types of bulk SMS: Promotional, Transactional and Service Bulk SMS solutions. We do the work of processing text messages to every carrier for delivering to the end user on behalf of the brand and effectively communicate with the customers via text.

Case of SMS solution implementation for online jewelry store

Online jewelry store faced sales decrease and potential audience loss. Our mission was to start SMS messaging. Imlink suggested best matching solution:

  • implement the SMS platform
  • distribute a message with promotional offers

Step 1: Integration of the tool with the company’s CRM system
In order to start distributing via the store’s current database, we have implemented the SMS service via their system. The solution enabled the automation of the communication process and mailings monitoring.

Step 2: Using SMS to communicate with the customers
Before sending out, the company selected 10 popular positions and prepared an advertising business text. Then they launched an SMS newsletter offering promotional items.

Step 3: Results’ analytics
Due to implementing a popular channel, the company managed to:

  • increase site traffic
  • improve online interaction with the clients and audience loyalty
  • boost weekly sales
  • reduce communication and marketing costs

To improve your customer service and enrich business with ImLink, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of cooperation options and connection algorithm.

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