A2P business: 7 clues to develop your brand successfully

A2P Businesses face the necessity to apply a huge volume of traffic, sending billions of messages to the customers from day to day. To make this process efficient from all points of view, it should be automated and customized for specific business requirements which you will find out below.

What is A2P messaging – advanced technology for customers’ reach out

A2P (Application-to-Person) is automated communication sent via an application software to a person. Companies use Application-to-Person technology to deliver one-time codes, marketing content, promotional offers, orders / appointments updates, delivery statuses, etc., as well as to collect customers’ feedback and improve the relationship with clients.

As more cost-efficient and high-performance than other models, A2P grows rapidly into the market and more and more often seek for partnership with messaging providers – such cooperation enables an effective implementation of a full range of relevant services.

Crucial points for A2P services providers

What messaging platforms should consider to make its A2P competitive:

Technologies applied
To be competitive in the range of competitors, platforms should implement and apply the latest well-proven technologies. Investigate the company capabilities before making a choice.

Technical Service
Failures may happen, however, choose a partner offering expert and comprehensive customer service to fix and resolve all the issues as prompt as possible.

To operate with full compliance to specific restrictions and regulations of applicable legislation is crucial for A2P messaging business, as well as for all enterprises. If a provider is not complying with the law, it can lead to immediate suspension of a service by a network operator and result in communication loss.

The message 100% delivery guarantee is that all require starting communication, for business messaging it is even more so. Cooperating with a company having high quality and reliable connections to different network operators – a key point to evaluate.

To compete successfully, providers should offer high speed communication capabilities. Customized performance depending on business needs will become an advantage, as some messages need higher delivery speed and prioritization.

Managing personal data properly is a critical point to run a business. Platforms must clearly state terms / conditions and privacy policy and ensure complete data protection.

Preferred partner is the one suggesting various price models depending on the requirements and available budget.

ImLink platform competitive advantages

To be the best among equals, ImLink enriches its A2P communication service by:

1. Accomplished Network options
ImLink provides routing and traffic processing enabling our Partners the whole spectrum of channels and messaging features: Global Reach, Direct Operator Connections & Alternative routing.

2. High Technology capabilities
We have implemented a number of exclusive technologies to ensure maximum outreach and cost saving for clients: Cascade messaging, implementation support of bots for autoreplies, lead generation, technical support and sales.

3. Customizable messaging solutions
ImLink will advise on the service type and implement it the way best appropriate for your requirements.

4. White Label Partnership
Implement the tool under your brand name and logo.

5. Single API integration with any solution
Implement messaging functionality into your CRM system, software or website. 160+ modules have been developed for popular CRM systems, and we continue to introduce new ones.

6. Transparent analytics
All the data referring to service performance is being collected, processed and interpreted for timely and appropriate modifications, if necessary.

7. Huge experience
Our company was formed in 2010 and is based in the UK, London. Over the years we have grown to become the leading expert in A2P technologies, rapidly expanding into global market.

8. Global coverage
Trusting our technology and expertise, dozens of partners from Asia, South and North America cooperate with ImLink in the area of business communication.

Last but not least – flexible pricing and outstanding service. Our technical team is available 24/7 and ready to configure the best pricing model depending on your budget and requirements.

Complete the form on our website and cooperate with ImLink in a convenient way. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of cooperation and connection options.

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