TOP outstanding Viber messaging tools for business profitability

TOP outstanding Viber messaging tools for business profitability

Launched in 2010 Viber developed from a regular messenger to a multifunctional business tool with active users in 190+ countries. The platform developed a wide range of features that will make communication with customers Informative, Profitable and Effective. 

Viber for business – Top 10 tools and their functionality

Below are certain tools you can obtain implementing Viber business messaging into your brand strategy:

  • Viber advertising. Variety of original ads campaigns will provide customer flow.
  • Viber data protection. No need to worry how secure Viber messaging is, – Increase your customers’ trust and loyalty with outstanding data protection.
  • Advanced messaging. Customers may also send messages to businesses, if necessary. Benefit from 2 WAY communication, which now includes file and video sharing options. Now Unified service type is available – 1 WAY, 2 WAY and Session unified in one. Kill two birds with one stone – reduce costs and stimulate customers’ interaction.
  • Sender ID. Put Company name in the field “Sender” and Company logo on the avatar. Recognizable business brand brings customers’ loyalty.
  • Viber Sessions. Save your budget and benefit from free of charge communication within one Viber Session. 
  • Viber Group Chats. The tool enables communication with up to 250 people. Organize events and mass Viber messaging with resources and activities economy.
  • Viber Out. Avoid limitation – reach easily those of your customers, who do not have Viber installed.
  • Viber Extensions. Integrate other services with Viber for more outstanding results.
  • Viber Communities. Arrange large interactive groups of customers – Viber communities for business. Attract your customer’s attention by publishing announcements on new products, interesting information or brand values.
  • Viber Stickers. Huge collection of stickers, emojis, GIFs is at your disposal. Your own brand imagery – an advantage in front of competitors.

Important recommendations for maximum Viber business channel effectiveness

Achieve maximum benefits for your business implementing above listed tools and taking into consideration the below recommendations:
1. Before starting communication via Viber, please, study the platform’s Policies and Restrictions. This way you will significantly save time and budget.
2. Create a portrait of your target audience.
3. For more effective mailing in Viber, think over all the components of the service you need – the content, time and frequency of notifications.
4. Analyze the messaging results.
5. Order the service from a reliable provider.

Cooperate with ImLink to obtain our platform benefits

Implementing Viber messaging via ImLink platform ensures your business a wide range of obvious benefits:
1. reliability and flexibility
2. cost-efficient rates
3. 100% delivery guarantee
4. personalized approach to each customer
5. Viber direct channel – messages do not go to spam and reach end users

Last but not least – Cascade messaging option for budget economy up to 70%. A messaging order is set so that channels with minimum pricing are primarily used. 

To know more about platform benefits and enrich business with ImLink, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of cooperation options and connection algorithm.

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