Modern Authorization services – for communication with no risks

User data access and confirmation is a popular function that business applies daily while communicating with the customers. According to statistics, one of three subscribers regularly faces the necessity to undergo prior verification and confirm data online, so that the security and convenience of the digital environment are important for most of us.

Authorization systems benefits

Verification techniques provide a wide range of application possibilities:

  • register in the system or enter it
  • confirm bank transactions
  • change mobile operator tariff
  • utilize collected bonuses for purchase
  • confirm online order or purchase
  • delivery confirm, decline, postpone, etc.

Only modern solution can ensure secure authorization. And such mechanisms are offered: there are many convenient systems available.

We will describe the best ones below and also advise how to determine an appropriate communication channel for your business and what is important to consider when choosing it.

TOP modern authorization systems

Most known specialized tools used to send codes to customers are FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS.

In FlashCall the one-time password comes in the last 4 digits of the number from which the call is made. The authentication method is convenient and secure due to the two-factor authorization. Its other benefits are real cost optimization, fast implementation, reliability and minimum requirements.

One of the favorite messengers in the world is WhatsApp. The application is on the top of numerous ratings and continues to be the most popular among the subscribers. The reason is obvious: the developer of the platform offers elaborated, convenient functionality for communication. Therefore, WhatsApp is actively used to send codes.

Since 2010 it still secures its position as the second most popular messenger. And due to its advanced functionality is being even preferred by a certain number of users. For sure, it should not be ignored while considering the verification codes sending channel.

SMS messaging does not need to be introduced – the service is well known to all mobile phones users. It does not require installation, updates and internet access, but provides high speed and delivery guarantee. SMS is also popular as an authorization tool.

To achieve maximum effectiveness and profitability Cascade messaging is the best solution. Imlink offers a branded system Smart route for SMS forwarding. Optimize messaging cost – determine the channel order and send the code in cascade from the most cost-effective up to the most expensive one.

So we have access to a wide range of effective authorization methods However, the larger the variety is, the more complicated the choice becomes. To select the solution best suitable for your business strategy, you need to consider a few essential points.

Major issues to consider for the best authorization channel

Before start working with any solution, check out the points below:

1. Communication format you utilize
As an example, FlashCall is used to send codes, while others may be used also for goods and services advertising.

2. Target audience
It may happen that your target audience are users 60+ most likely prefer SMS messaging.

3. Business strategy and budget
Evaluate your marketing strategy, calculate the budget and resources you plan to engage for the messaging.

4. Way to implement
To ensure expert service introduction and successful communication with the customers, it is recommended to cooperate with reliable platforms.

ImLink platform – to obtain all the advantages our company provides

ImLink provides partners with a range of advantages:

  • assistance in determining the most suitable and customizable solution
  • advanced technologies, being trusted by many companies worldwide
  • flexible and cost-efficient rates based on company budget
  • 100% security guarantee – we implement direct channels

To improve your customer service and enrich business with ImLink platform, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of cooperation and connection options.

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