WhatsApp — on the top of messaging channels for business

Even already being the most popular messaging app in the world, WhatsApp continues to develop and enrich functionality to secure its top position in the range of communication channels. Rapid development of its tools for interaction with customers makes the application more and more attractive for companies of all sizes.

Why to choose WhatsApp for your business

Global reach
WhatsApp messaging app is favorite global communication tool — 2 billion active daily users.

High engagement rate
Statistics states — opening rate is 98%, 85 % of messages are opened within the first 10 minutes, 45% of subscribers answer.

Direct messaging channel
WhatsApp Business API is an official channel — it excludes the possibility of phone number blocking.

Time and cost efficiency
Using WhatsApp features for messaging, you significantly save time and employees resources.

Advanced functionality
Improved applicability will considerably contribute to your company success. The application supports two-way interaction with customers, unlimited text size, any multimedia files, auto replies, etc.

What are the other effective options for business correspondence— check the list below.

Key opportunities your brand obtains with WhatsApp business messaging

Branded business profile
Enrich your communication with logo, address, contact information, and website URL.

Immediate video messages
Record and share with your audience 60 seconds of video in real time. This is a great way to communicate urgent news, share the latest and upcoming events from the company life.

Group calls in WhatsApp
Good news for companies — macOS owners,and customers using Apple products. Now both have the opportunity to participate in group audio and video calls. The functionality and design is up to date: calls notifications while the app is closed, a detailed history of chats and calls.

WhatsApp flows
The tool expands the company’s capabilities within the application framework. The “flow” offers users to order a product or service in the app.

Proactive selling
Sell directly in the application— create a catalog with up to 500 of your brand goods products or services and share it directly with the customers. Using the Catalog, your clients will quickly see what you offer without leaving the app.

WhatsApp Business premium
Not yet worldwide, but worth mentioning. Function enables the creation of the app web page and support for up to 10 devices.

Security functions
WhatsApp communication is secure thanks to the privacy check tool, giving access to all security settings in the application and the choice of necessary level of protection. For additional data protection the app also provides closing the chat function, one-time viewing and disappearing messages.

Convenient onboarding and integration
WhatsApp Business API is easy to implement and integrate with most CRMs in order to store all data in one system and improve the workflow.

The tool integration includes a few steps you have to go through to start messaging.

How to activate the service

To activate WhatsApp business messaging you need to create and verify Facebook Business Manager profile. The next step is to confirm your phone number and register templates.
Our manager provides a detailed guide on the tool set up. Implementing WhatsApp for business via ImLink communication platform you also obtain:

  • Customized and quick solution to suit your specific requirements
  • Easy integration with existing software
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Exclusive technologies to ensure maximum outreach and cost saving — cascade messaging
  • Transparent analytics
  • Reliable and experienced partner

Our customers’ success stories are the best demonstration for the above listed advantages.

The case of WhatsApp for business API implementation in a dental clinic

A dental clinic reached ImLink with the request to establish high-quality and reliable communication with the customers. The problems they faced — difficulties in arrangement difficulties, as a result — missed appointments and clients dissatisfaction.

The goal was to simplify and optimize meeting reminding process.
ImLink applied WhatsApp messaging for:
1. convenient appointments fixing
2. appointments reminding
3. quick two-way interaction

The results the clinic achieved implementing WhatsApp communication solution:

  • Improved customer loyalty: thanks to convenient messaging and improved service, clients highly appreciated the clinic’s performance and began to return
  • Increased number of appointments: convenient recording and reminders reduced the number of missed meetings by 2 times
  • Revenues growth: an increase in the number of visits and repeat visits led to a 1.5 time increase in revenue

Complete the form on our website to use a popular messenger for advanced communication with customers. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of cooperation and connection options.

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