Successful startup — TOP digital business communication tools

Each and every brand is initiated to bring profit to its owner. However, no company can have a successful creation without a properly established communicating channel for startup.

Why messaging tools are essential for young companies

Starting up the company, it goes without saying that its development and success will directly depend on the way you communicate with the customers. Introducing modern and capable communication tools from the very beginning you will enable your business success from the very foundation:

Attract target audience and achieve interaction with clients
Via customer data you obtain it becomes possible to use instruments attractive for your clients and interact with them. This feature helps to remove weaknesses in your sales process activities.

Expand reach
Global reach enables you to be in touch with your audience wherever they are.

Increase your brand recognizability
Branding your messaging elevates your brand recognition in comparison with competitors.

Obtain the clients’ satisfaction and loyalty
Customers receiving messages via a convenient channel, at appropriate time and maximum personalized will be for sure satisfied.

Establish online sales process and build solid purchasing relationship with the clients
Advanced messaging and advertising tools, direct purchasing possibility, as well as proactive communication and interaction strengthen your relationship with clients and protect from customers’ leave and secure your company profitability.

Improve marketing strategy
Simple monitoring and analytics available will highlight strong and weak points, and enable you to moderate the strategy, if necessary.

Necessary instruments are represented in various channels which you have to evaluate and choose the most appropriate for your goals.

Popular communication channels for business

Range of popular business communication tools and their main features:

The main features of the SMS service is easy implementation and use, — there is no need in long and complicated preparations, global reach, high opening rate and personalization.

Voice OTP
Users’ authentication code-to-voice serves for signing up, purchasing and many other activities requiring authorization.

Use Viber due to outstanding advertising possibilities implementation as well as for the most advanced messaging — 2-WAY communication provides the best options of customers’ interaction.

WhatsApp Business API
What main advantages you obtain with WhatsApp business messaging — increase your brand recognizability, provide advanced multimedia content, arrange proactive selling directly from app. WhatsApp is also the messenger to consider if you need to integrate the channel with other tools and software.

Cascade forwarding
Reaching your audience via cascade forwarding will guarantee delivery, easy reporting and analytics as well as cost optimization, as the messaging goes through a range of channels from the most cost effective to the most expensive one.

So you see that the selection may become a challenge, please, take into consideration the below for the right choice.

How to choose your best startup channel

Good plan and preparation — a half of a desired result. You need to determine and evaluate the most suitable type of messaging satisfying your brand requirements. Communication for business startup checklist:

1. Target audience, create customer’s portrait: Analyze your base and fix the characteristics of your potential customers, which are important for effective communication tool determination.

2. Messaging goals: Determine what and what for you plan to message to your clients. As an example, SMS is one of the most suitable authorization services, and messengers and social media — advertising instruments.

3. Messaging channels available: Investigate what of them are available and most popular in your location and among your target audience.

4. Budget and resources: You need to evaluate and fix the resources you plan to spend for the tool implementation.

5. Communication services platform: Cooperation with experienced and reliable expert in the area of business messaging will ensure comprehensive service implementation and flexible terms.

ImLink platform is one of the leading service providers, supporting companies with outstanding expertise in the field of messaging. Cooperating with ImLink you will determine and implement the business communication channel in full correspondence with your requirements.

Please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer the options for cooperation and connection.

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