Extensive customer’s profile — a key to successful business communication

A deep understanding of the business target audience is an initial step on the way to a productive sales strategy. Correct creation and use of the customer’s profile for business is the key to interactive communication and business development.

How to create a proper customer’s profile and implement it in your business nowadays?

What is customer’s portrait value for business

With the exact picture of your client you will obtain certain benefits for your company:

  • arouse customers’ interest, loyalty and interaction
  • attract new customers and build with them long-term relations
  • improve messaging effectivity
  • increase sales
  • optimise expenses

What is a customer’s profile

Subscribers are willing to receive the content and offers which correlate with their interests and requirements. To enable your audience such messaging you should have a clear customer’s profile available. A client’s portrait is a set of certain features:

  • demographic characteristics (age, gender, education, etc.)
  • location
  • personality (interests, values, etc.)
  • social and economic characteristics
  • purchasing behavior

Awareness of the above and proper application of this knowledge will allow you to better understand the target audience requirements and select interesting content for it.

How to configure and what to include in customer’s profile

Conduct a few simple steps and you will obtain a clear portrait of your customer.

1. Identify your target audience
First of all, identify the group of people that is your main target audience. Collect their characteristics: age, gender, education, income and location.

2. Investigate your customer’s personal characteristics
Find out your audience interests and habits, ideals, values.

3. Evaluate your customer’s behavior
Track and analyze how customers search for products’ information, where they shop, which communication channels they prefer, and what factors influence their decisions. Analyze the entire way — from the request to the purchase.

4. Create a portrait
Create a detailed customers’ portrait based on the collected data, name it and keep the client’s description and shopping behavior.

5. Apply a created portrait
Use the portrait to develop your business strategy, adjust your services in accordance with your target audience demands.

How to put into practice customer’s profile picture

Theory without practice is dead, — gained knowledge should work and help to improve business processes. Collect, structure and analyze customer’s data for the following:

1. Product line upgrade
Use the customer’s profile data to develop existing products and introduce new ones, in accordance with your audience requirements. In such a way can not only increase customer’s loyalty, but also stand out in the market.

2. Customer service improvement
Study customers’ feedback to reveal and resolve your weak points, and to improve strong ones.

3. Personnel qualification enhance
Employees’ qualification improvement in relation to customer service is one more important component of a successful business. Study the client portrait with your staff, educate them, organize regular trainings — and the result will come shortly.

4. Personalized mobile messaging
Adapt communication with sights on the customer, provide personal offers based on previous purchases, deferred and favorite products — this is what is called individual approach.

5. Marketing strategies development
Develop effective campaigns based on the data obtained. Use new contact points with the audience, improved communication options and sales strategies.

As soon as you have conducted customers’ portrait analysis and created useful and attractive content for them, it’s time to start communication. The best way to implement business messaging into your marketing strategy is to cooperate with an experienced platform, ensuring maximum outreach and cost saving.

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