How to engage customers in 2024: an up-to-date overview

All companies are concerned about how to develop relationships with clients and strengthen their loyalty. One of the ways to achieve it is by improving the customer engagement strategy.
Read our article and discover how to attract audience to encourage your brand prosperity and secure the leading position ahead of your competitors.

Customers engagement benefits for business

Every business is initiated to earn money, but no buyers — no money. To attract audience and save long relations with them you need to clearly demonstrate that you value not only money they spent, but their attention, feedback, and needs. It means strong involvement strategy that will bring your firm critical for success benefits:

  • Improved brand recognition
  • Increased loyalty and repeated sales
  • New clients flow
  • Sales volume increase
  • Resources for business growth and development

Remember that satisfied customers are the main source for your wellbeing — they will never leave to competitors and will recommend your brand.

Steps to stimulate clients engagement

As stated above, a strong relationship with subscribers leads to many valuable benefits, so is worthy of efforts to achieve. Steps you may undertake for better customers’ engagement:

Create and implement loyalty programs
Awards and rewards programmes show your clients that you appreciate their dedication to your brand.

Apply actions and special offers
Discounts and special offers are a good source to encourage shopping. Pay attention to after purchase care to stimulate the further interaction.

Secure your website convenience and obvious navigation
Keep an easy to navigate website and social media with clear call-to-action, providing your customers with all necessary functionality for ordering and communicating.

Share appealing, various and value-added content
Different and interesting info will attract the clients’ attention and stimulate deeper investigation of your products and services. Educating and entertaining content is also a good tool to build strong relationships with the audience.

Choose appropriate communication channels
Messaging channels are excellent customer engagement tools. Evaluate all available solutions from the point of interaction possibilities and choose those corresponding to your goal most of all.

Communication channels to engage clients

ImLink platform offers a wide range of popular messaging instruments to achieve customers’ engagement. You can choose the best suitable or combine for maximum result.

1. WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a TOP tool for outstanding engagement. Statistics states — incoming messages opening rate is 98%. 85 % of them are opened within the first 10 minutes, and 45% of subscribers answer.

2. Viber
Choose Viber for advanced messaging. 2-WAY communication possibilities will stimulate interaction and strengthen engagement. Viber Communities is another efficient tool to attract your clients’ attention by publishing value-added content.

3. SMS
SMS messaging is a service to consider from the point of view of customers’ engagement . Via it you can target your communication and send messages corresponding with the customers’ demands.

4. Cascade 
Messaging in cascade provides your business maximum outreach as well as costs reduction — the sending goes in forwarding via channels starting from the most cost effective up to the most expensive.

To make a decision on the best tool for clients engagement in your sphere, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer the options for cooperation and connection.

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