FlashCall authorization – still in the ranks or loosing the spot

Authorization services are among TOP solutions for business. One of popular services for data verification and access is FlashCall.

Today we will highlight for you what Flashcall is, its strengths and weaknesses. We will also introduce you the best alternative channels that will ensure a fast and secure user authentication process.

What is FlashCall and where it is used

FlashCall is a service for transmitting a password in a phone number. The user receives a call, the last four digits of which are the access code to the company’s systems, websites.
Most widely spread methods of usage:

  • online shopping — order confirmation and online payment
  • offline shopping — to confirm the debit of bonuses
  • register or recover a forgotten username/password
  • register in the app — to confirm the identity
  • use a public Wi-Fi network — enter a verification code

The wide range of activities it is implemented for means that FlashCall possesses a certain range of advantages. What are the key ones?

FlashCall benefits for business communication

The two-factor authentication system provides a high level of security.

FlashCall integration reduces the cost of password sending by 5 times as compared to SMS. The price does not depend on a subscriber’s operator.

High speed
In case of stable cellular coverage, a call with a one-time code is delivered instantly: within 5-10 seconds. If for some reason the password is not delivered, it can be sent again via SMS.
In spite of benefits listed above, FlashCall has a certain range of limitations.

FlashCall gaps

Complicated authorization algorithm
For authentication via FlashCall, you need to remember and enter codes. For almost a half of users, according to our experts, it is inconvenient to go this way.

No delivery guarantees
Telecom operators’ security systems are monitoring and more and more often block FlashCalls. The probability of code delivery is also reduced by the “smart” settings of modern smartphones.

High competition
Availability of more convenient and affordable solutions to verify the user’s identity do serious competition to FlashCall.

Taking into consideration the above disadvantages, businesses have to look for reliable alternatives to FlashCall.

FlashCall Alternatives

Due to a wide range of certain benefits, such as delivery guarantee and high level of security, one of the best authorization tools is Voice OTP. It is a convenient and reliable call authorization system: the users listen to the password during an incoming call. Other significant advantages of the service are:

1. Usability: the service does not require memorizing complex passwords and multiple verification steps.
2. Flexibility: the voice system allows integration with various web platforms and applications.
3. Cost effectiveness: this is an affordable and profitable service that costs significantly lower than its analogues.

Popularity, wide spread, easy integration, enhanced security and convenience enable WhatsApp and SMS secure their positions as other popular one-time password service channels.

As we see, all OTP services may have limitations as well as advantages. To make a decision on the best authorization channel for your sphere, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer the options for cooperation and connection.

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