Summer downtime season — time of new possibilities for your business

Summer is a challenging time for almost all spheres — regular customers do not purchase, clients do not come, and revenue volume decreases. How to face it, avoid sales and profit losses?
Go deeper into the topic and get answers that help to overcome difficulties and find new business prospects!

What is seasonality for sales and how it affects

Seasonality is a hard period for companies, especially for those, whose sales directly depend on the time of the year. Business slows down, experiences difficulties with customer flow and behavior. The reason is evident:
Demand falling →Sales decrease → Profits loss

To stop the failure already on the stage of decreasing demand, plan the activities and adapt your marketing strategy. Luckily, there are many methods and ways to do it efficiently!

How to minimize negative summer influence

Seasonality is a predictable phenomenon, and you can prepare beforehand. To secure your company during downtime from losses, we recommend to try the following:

Adjust the product line
In case your sales have straight dependance on the time of the year, regard the extension and adjustment of the product line — offer related products and services.

Arrange marketing activity — events, trainings for the customers
Summer is a good season to improve your customer service activities and interact with the clients more closely — arrange webinars, workshops and trainings for your target audience.

Launch summer promotions and publish relative content
To attract clients’ interest and stimulate selling, activate business communication and launch special promotions, customer loyalty and bonus programmes.

Personalize communication and provide special offers
Devote attention to the clients, especially to left ones, — analyze their behavior, and offer special conditions to take them back.

Test new messaging tools, sales and digital channels
Enrich your online presence, implement innovative communication methods to save contact with your customers and engage them.

Devote time to company processes optimization
It may happen that in summer you and your team will have more resources for internal activities — analyze your business processes flow, fix weaknesses and work out the strategy to solve them.

The best way to adopt the strategies above is advanced messaging for business. With its help, you will optimize and automate your processes, conduct mass informing on special actions and marketing events. As a result — take your brand to a new development level, just as our client did.

Case of successful collaboration with ImLink to overcome summer season challenges

Our customer — a large chain of fitness centers reached us with the problem of demand and sales decrease during summer season.
Their aim was to inform the audience of new promo actions, attract more customers and increase subscriptions number.

To reach it, ImLink offered to implement Cascade WhatsApp-SMS for effective communication with the target audience.
For better outcome we recommended the fitness center to prepare accordingly:

1. Segment and determine the addressees: work with potential visitors within 10 km from fitness center branches.

2. In details develop a promo action and prepare the text: offer a large discount for new clients and bonuses for regular customers, create personalized advertising text with the link to the website and clear call-to-action.

3. Implement the solution via ImLink platform: start targeted WhatsAppSMS messaging and analyze the results.

In Cascade a messaging order is set so that channels with minimum pricing are primarily used. If the message for any reason does not reach the client in WhatsApp, it is sent in SMS. It provides guaranteed information delivery and allows to reduce costs by 4-5 times compared to SMS.

An advanced advertising campaign and properly integrated messaging solution enabled the company to not only secure incomes, but improve business processes:

  • 1,5 times more new contracts within summer season
  • 60% of prolonged subscriptions
  • Considerable cost savings — up to 70%

ImLink platform obtains full expertise in implementing a wide range of messaging services into your business strategy. Please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer the options for cooperation and connection.

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