Voice OTP

Effective authorization method via code-to-voice channel

Voice OTP — a service for delivery one-time passwords via incoming calls. It is a convenient and safe solution for user verification, number confirmation, etc.

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How the service works

Voice OTP — for fast and secure business communication

When a code reaches our platform, it is converted into speech in a real-time. A call with the voice code comes to a user smartphone. The user answers the call, listens to the code and enters it.

Use Voice OTP for various goals

Simplified and secure process of user verification
Fast and convenient client authentication
Phone number confirmations
Reliable transactions

What are the benefits of voice channel


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    Why to choose ImLink for service


    User-friendly platform

    The API is suitable for various systems and devices, so that the identity verification process is convenient.


    Full functionality

    A wide range of available settings and parameters is a guarantee of quick user authentication or number confirmation.


    High security

    The API solution supports modern OAuth and OpenID Connect security methods.


    Fast delivery

    A channel routing strategy and extensive experience in international cloud technologies guarantee fast codes delivery.


    Free services

    All platform solutions are free of charge — company pays for message traffic.


    Resources optimization

    With our API there is no need to create and maintain your own infrastructure for identity authentication.

    cascade cascade

    Cascade messaging

    Set up messaging cascading via all provided channels (such as FlashCall, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS)

    Benefits of Cascade messaging:

    • Cost optimization. You can save up to 70%
    • Use of all multimedia possibilities in one bulking session

    The system analyzes the contact base and send messages via the most profitable channel. Single API to reach your goals.

    Communication channels

    ImLink offers a messaging platform via various communication channels. Interact with your customers in a convenient format. Reliability, flexibility and benefits are our top priorities.

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