CTR — SMS communication strategy key performance indicator

SMS messaging is a direct and convenient communication channel easy to configure and use. So, no surprise that it is still among popular and effective tools for business development. However, your SMS messaging strategy may not work at all, or not deliver desired results. One of the reasons for this is insufficient CTR.

Below we highlight why it happens and how to avoid it.

CTR in brief

CTR is one the key performance indicators of your SMS marketing strategy effectiveness. It means SMS Click Through Rate and refers to the percentage of customers that have clicked on a hyperlink in the SMS message. When companies face insufficient CTR or its decrease — there are certain reasons for it. By knowing them, it is possible to interfere in a timely manner and modify the messaging strategy.

Why CTR decreases: main reasons and ways to solve

There are several mistakes you should consider and fix to increase the efficiency of your SMS messaging marketing strategy.

Wrong message text. Uninteresting, non-useful, illiterate messages will not attract the customers.
Solution. Create appealing, interesting and valuable content. If the content inside a text message is attractive, the customers will most likely get interested in what you are providing.

Wrong customers’ segmentation. Messaging without taking into consideration your target audience’s main features (location, gender, age, interests) leads to missed opportunities — your communication could not be effective.
Solution. Segmenting your contacts lets your message reach the target audience with relevant content and offers.

Impersonal messaging. Messaging to all — messaging to nobody. Such an approach will not increase customers’ loyalty.
Solution. Humanize your messages — write directly for the reader in a friendly tone and include your signature so the customers know who is addressing them.

Wrong messaging time. If you write to the customer every night, it is hardly worth waiting for grateful reviews and interaction.
Solution. The best option is to find out the convenient day and time for messaging. If this is not possible, then you can implement a standard approach — send a message once a week at lunch.

Wrong communication channel choice. It may happen that your target audience is a modern generation preferring messengers to SMS. In such a case the communication strategy will not be effective.
Solution. Use popular messengers or social networks for business communication.

No links and Call-To-Action. Including a link with no context may push the customer away, moreover may seem insecure.
Solution. Make it clear where your link will lead and what is waiting for the customers there.

Derive maximum benefits from SMS messaging

The reasons and solutions above are crucial to consider for successful SMS marketing campaigns. However there are outstanding ways to increase SMS messaging CTR — just implement them for maximum benefit:

1. Use Branded URLs. Branded links receive more click-throughs when compared to generic short URLs. Modify the URLs in your messages with branded tracked links to increase brand recognition, and improve communication.

2. Use Cascade messaging. Effective way to communicate with customers is by cascade forwarding. In addition to SMS, cascade includes popular communication platforms. Messaging starts from the most cost-effective to the most expensive. The solution enables to optimize costs and save up to 70% of your budget.

3. Monitor the results. Conduct timely analysis of your SMS messaging CTR to reveal strong and weak points of your communication strategy. This will enable to improve weaknesses in a timely manner.

4. Cooperate with a reliable provider. SMS messaging efficiency becomes higher if arranged via professional communication platforms having at their disposal necessary tools and expertise.

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