Reliable communication services provider — your key to successful customers relationship

According to statistics more than 80% of businesses agree that cooperation with a reliable communication service platform is essential for their activities, and that they would not be able to succeed without it.

Why partnership with an experienced provider is a best choice for your business

It goes without saying that delegating certain issues to professionals secures you from a number of challenges and troubles. Benefits you obtain purchasing solution from experts in the field of communication with customers:

  • cost reduction
  • time and resources savings
  • reliability
  • security
  • qualified service

Guide for choosing your messaging services partner

If you are investigating the market looking for a communication platform, it is good news, as you are on a proper way to implement an incredibly useful tool into the marketing strategy. But the bad news is that it’s rather complicated to navigate through a wide variety of providers, as each of them represents itself as a leader.

How to understand who is really providing a high-quality service? What partner is the best exactly for your business?

Comprehensive checklist of advice for a proper choice

As we mentioned above, implementing messaging into a business communication processes may become a challenge, and addressing it to an experienced partner you will avoid service issues, security risks and unjustified expenses. However, to achieve it you should carefully and thoughtfully choose a platform for cooperation.

1. Evaluate if the functionality corresponds to your business requirements and goals
If all popular channels are represented, what is the level of security and does it correspond to your corporate standards?

2. Check the scope of technical service
If trainings are required, what support is included?

3. Investigate the platform scalability
If its functionality will scale as your business grows.

4. Check integration possibilities with the existing tools
Clue service feature is simple integration with your software.

5. Read feedback from current and previous customers
Clients’ success stories are the best recommendation. Don’t hesitate to contact those who left comments if you need details.

6. Evaluate the pricing. The least, but not the last is flexible tariffication
Check if prices are fixed or the provider will customize and calculate it according to your business peculiarities.

Choose the right partner, and it’ll be easier to scale the technology as your brand grows. You will also improve customer relationship and secure cost savings.

Why to choose ImLink as service provider

Choosing ImLink reliable communication platform for business messaging you obtain:

Wide range of solutions
Most popular messaging channels are represented on our platform, so that you could choose one (or several) according to your needs.

Flexible customized pricing
We offer our customers attractive tariff models, depending on your budget and requirements.

Personalized user account
A separate account with all necessary functionality is created for new users registered in the system.

Convenient accounting
Users can independently issue invoices for account replenishment.

Monitoring and analytics
Enhanced online reporting for the customers and platform owner is supported. The content tracking and moderation panel operates with prompt intervention possibility.

Uncomplicated API
Implemented modules for clear integration with popular CRM systems.

The solution provides a built-in detailed guide for users.

Extensive experience
Our company was formed in 2010, and over the years we have grown to become the leading expert in A2P technologies, rapidly expanding into global market.

We offer not just a seller-buyer relationship, but a partnership built on technology and trust, sharing our values and vision.
Please, complete the form on the website, and start developing your business with ImLink Team.

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