Chatbots for business — huge power for growth and profitability

Nowadays digital technologies are becoming an integral part of businesses that intend to follow the latest trends and remain competitive and attractive for the customers. It is a convenient solution that will help your company to save budget, increase messaging conversion and improve the client service. We are talking about chatbots.

If you are wondering what chatbots can do and still considering if this technology implementation into your business strategy is worthy of costs and efforts, please, read our article.

Why businesses need chatbots

Chatbot benefits for business are numerous — it simplifies and speeds up the customer service process, allows businesses to effectively interact with the audience, and customers — to receive instant and clear answers to their questions.

24/7 availability
Compared to human staff, bots are available at any time. It is an incredible advantage, especially if your customers are located in different time zones.

Cost efficient
Chatbots are less expensive than employing and training human forces.

Customer engagement
There are chatbots interacting with the subscribers, answering questions, providing recommendations on products and services, and as a result increasing the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Instant responses
Nobody likes waiting to solve the issue, chatbots react to the requests immediately.

Saved time for the staff
Automating processes which can operate without human help, you save time for your employees for the activities where human participation is essential.

Secure from human errors
If it is necessary to deal with huge data volume, accuracy is a key point.

Data collection
Being data driven tools, chatbots collect valuable customers’ data during interactions (internet browsing history, preferences, etc.) This enables businesses to make data driven decisions and improve their strategies.

Chatbots implementation areas

Taking into consideration the above, chatbots features will be a useful tool for all companies, from small to huge corporations. One of the main benefits is that chatbot can become a universal instrument with a wide scope of application.

  • Marketing (advertising messages, shopping advice, arranging raffles, collecting data)
  • Transactional (orders handling, appointments, etc.)
  • Service (technical assistance, IT support, hotels / tickets / transfer booking)
  • HR activities (find candidates, staff trainings, etc.)

The most widely spread usage cases for chatbots according to statistics: sales (41%), service (37%) and marketing (17%). TOP 5 spheres benefiting from chatbots implementation are realty (28%), traveling (16%), education (14%), healthcare (10%) and finance (5%).

All types of companies for sure have points in their business strategy or processing that can be automated and simplified via chatbot implementation. Below there is an illustrative example demonstrating how chatbot capability can eliminate business communication omissions.

The case of WhatsApp chatbot implementation

A car dealer reached ImLink with the request to establish high-quality and reliable online communication with the customers. The problems they faced — difficulties with test drives appointments, missed meetings, miscommunication, and customer dissatisfaction.

The goal was to automate test drives appointments proceeding and improve communication with the clients. To reach them, ImLink Team applied WhatsApp chatbot for:

  • Convenient appointments: 24/7 test drives fixing with possibility to choose the accompanying person from the car salon personnel and drive route
  • Automated reminders: The customers receive a notification with appointment confirmation and reminders with upcoming appointments
  • Effective informing: The dealer informs the customers of the working schedule and of any kind of amendments
  • Personalized service: Sending of news and personal offers to the customers

The results the dealer achieved implementing WhatsApp chatbot solution were impressive: automated appointments and increased their number, elevated the speed and efficiency of customer service, improved clients’ loyalty and interaction.

Investigate the instruments ImLink platform offers for business growth and development and choose those suiting your requirements. For full assistance, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer options for cooperation and connection.

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