Business messaging: types, unpack tips and tricks

To be in touch with your consumers has never been so easy — the necessary device is always in their hands. And so difficult at the same time — to make this touch efficient, you should deliver positive customer experiences via communication. Today clients demand an instant, personalized approach whenever they log in, purchase or request information from your brand.

High-quality customers’ communication strategy may become a powerful tool to attract and engage the audience. However, it’s crucial to deeply understand what kind of information you are going to send — the concept and channel may depend on it.

Today we will unpack what are authorization, transactional and promotional messaging for business and how to implement each of them to strengthen clients’ relations.

What is authorization messaging

According to statistics, one of three subscribers regularly faces the necessity to undergo prior verification and confirm data online. That’s why authorization messaging is a popular service that businesses apply for everyday activities while communicating with the customers.

Here is the range of application possibilities:

  • register in the system or enter it
  • bank transactions
  • change mobile operator tariff
  • utilize collected bonuses
  • online order or purchase
  • delivery confirm, decline, postpone, etc.

Modern and secure solution is OTP — one-time-passwords. Innovative services to send them are:

SMS — a well-known and secure channel for OPTs sending, but the most expensive
FlashCall — an affordable service for delivery passwords in a phone number
OTP Call — a popular authorization channel for sending one-time codes in a call

What is transactional messaging

Brands implement transactional messaging as a service to manage time-sensitive and crucial connections. Businesses utilize it when they need to complete a process initiated by the customer. Main of them are:

  • confirm orders / reservations / payments
  • verify the account
  • reset passwords

Or to inform clients of an event in a timely manner. The main here are:

  • delivery notifications
  • status updates
  • appointments’ reminders

As the information being sent is critical both for businesses and customers, transactional messaging needs a clear, guaranteed and effective communication solution. What tools and features are best suiting here:

SMS — a traditional channel to distribute such notifications
Viber — a good working tool for any type of communication
WhatsApp — also beneficial for transactional messaging purposes

The best solution is Cascade forwarding — implement a Smart route and launch the messaging from the cheapest channel to the most expensive one. This allows 100% delivery guarantee combined with cost savings up to 70%.

What is promotional messaging

Promotional communication is sent for the purpose of advertising a product, service, or brand. These messages aim to attract the attention of potential customers, deliver your value proposition, and encourage recipients to take a desired action, for example making a purchase.

It’s critical to differentiate promotional and transactional messages to ensure customers receive relevant information at the proper time in line with all rules. In the opposite case you can confuse your clients and raise their dissatisfaction.

Business use this type of messaging for:

  • sales and discounts
  • product launches
  • event invitations
  • announcements

As your sales, revenue and reputation strongly depend on the way you conduct promotional messaging, carefully choose communication channels to interact with customers.

1. WhatsApp is a leading tool in promotional communication due to its popularity and functionality: direct channel, advanced content, brand recognizability, proactive selling.

2. Viber is implemented by brands for promoting due to appealing advertising campaigns, group chats, communities enabling extended sharing of valuable content.

3. SMS may also become a powerful tool for effective business communication especially in case you need global reach or if your target audience is 60+.

You see that messaging types differ, however businesses usually need all of them to be represented in your relationship with customers. Choosing proper tools to integrate into the marketing strategy may become a challenging issue, and wrong choice will lead to insufficient results and unjustified expenses.

ImLink is an experienced communication services provider. We will help you to choose and implement a solution to perfectly serve and support the consumers. Please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and provide a detailed description of further steps.


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