Viber or WhatsApp: detailed analysis of popular channels for the best one for business

Viber and WhatsApp opportunities have gone far beyond the scope of app for friendly chatting. They are constantly developing the functionality and adding new features to provide productive business communication.

Today we will share with you the messengers benefits, difference between them and TOP criteria to choose the best communication channel for your company.

Viber & WhatsApp: so different, but efficient

Viber and WhatsApp are the strongest players in today’s messaging market due to their popularity and functionality. The apps provide brands the opportunities to stay close to their buyers wherever they are.

Advanced interaction with the audience set up will ensure:

  • Brand recognizability increase
  • Business processes optimization
  • Customers’ loyalty and engagement
  • Sales and income growth

According to Statista, WhatsApp has an average of more than 2.44 billion monthly active users who spend 37 minutes in the messenger per day. WhatsApp subscribers exchanged an estimated 120 billion messages. Viber has 250 million monthly active users globally. They interact on the app for ~8 minutes per day.

Both messengers provide a wide range of valuable tools for customers’ communication. However there are differences, revealed below to help you decide which channel is the most suitable for your business requirements.

Messengers opportunities and benefits

Viber and WhatsApp provide tens of tools for outstanding communication with clients. In spite of the fact, they both work to improve customers’ relationship, there are differences between platforms. Each of them has peculiar valuable features, which we will observe below.

Brand positioning

  • logo
  • company name / description
  • contact details (address, phone number, working hours)
  • Branded imaginary is available also via stickers


  • logo
  • company name / description
  • contact details (address, phone number, working hours)
  • Company catalog

Global reach
Viber: Active users in 190+ countries
WhatsApp: Active users in 180+ countries

Viber: 1.3 billion active users worldwide
WhatsApp: 1.5 billion active users worldwide

Customer engagement
Viber: Incoming messages opening rate is 89%
WhatsApp: Incoming messages opening rate is 98%


  • 1 WAY, 2 WAY-communication
  • Personalized messaging
  • Up to 1000 symbols
  • Media files


  • 2 WAY-communication
  • Personalized messaging
  • Up to 1000 symbols
  • Media files

Direct selling
Viber: No direct selling — to conduct purchase the customers need to go to a website
WhatsApp: Proactive selling is possible directly from the app

Viber: end-to-encryption that allows to hide and individually encrypt each chat
WhatsApp: end-to-encryption; for additional data protection the app also provides functions for closing the chat, one-time viewing and disappearing messages

Direct communication channel
Viber: available — messages do not go to spam and reach end users
WhatsApp: WhatsApp Business API is an official messaging channel — it excludes the possibility of phone number blocking

Viber: Possible
WhatsApp: Possible

Viber is more cost efficient than WhatsApp, but exact pricing depends on your region. Please, contact us for price calculation.

As we see above, both have advantages for enhanced communication. However, WhatsApp popularity and customers’ engagement rate is outstanding, which puts it on the top in the range of business messengers.

How to choose the best messenger for your business

To fix the one for your company, you also need to take into consideration the below criteria:

1. Messaging goals
After determining what you are aiming to reach via communication implementation, you can choose the one according to your requirements. For example, if you need to establish 2-WAY communication with clients, consider the WhatsApp channel for business. If a tool for promotional mailings is required, prefer Viber messaging.

2. Target audience
For proper choice, fix who you are going to reach out via it, and find out what messenger is more popular among your potential customers.

3. Budget and resources
Before choosing the instrument for your company you also need to fix budget and other resources, planned for the service set up and implementation. Viber is cheaper, however WhatsApp is easier to implement and integrate with existing software.

4. Competitors’ analysis
Conduct your competitors’ analysis and evaluate their behavior in both channels and subscribers’ reaction. You will get an understanding in which one the customers are more active and engaged.

When you calculate the budget and other resources, you can choose a way to implement and work with the service. Most businesses give preference to specialized communication platforms.

ImLink can become your reliable provider of either Viber or WhatsApp messaging. Our company offers flexible terms, a lot of working tools and comprehensive expertise.

To make a decision on the best channel for your sphere, please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and provide the detailed info.

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