Cascade forwarding: communication tool for maximum benefits

Productive customers’ communication is possible via many platforms. Popular messengers, social networks, voice and SMS mailings are at your disposal to establish effective messaging. Each service has numerous advantages and capabilities. Nevertheless, only multichannel strategy allows you to achieve 100% delivery and significantly reduce marketing costs.

Today we will tell you what cascade forwarding gives to business, what options there are and how to make communication with customers as productive as possible.

What is cascade forwarding

Cascade forwarding, also known as Smart route, is communication with clients via several channels. They are applied in stages — in the order of cost increase. It means that first the message goes over the channel with the lowest pricing. If for some reason the customer does not receive it, the system uses more expensive channels.

For example, business needs a solution for bonus activation in loyalty programme. For this the following cascade may be implemented: FlashCallViberSMS. The company’s customers received a code in the incoming phone call number — it’s FlashCall, the most budget-friendly channel. If for some reason the user did not receive it or did not answer the call, the code is automatically duplicated in Viber, last of all — in SMS as the most expensive method of communication.

Cascade forwarding benefits

Choosing messaging in cascade you will obtain wide range of benefits for your business communication:

Delivery Guarantee
If the message is not delivered through one channel, the system activates the second, then the third, and so on, until it reaches your user.

Maximum coverage
The forwarding principle provides a wide audience coverage. If the company uses popular channels, then the indicators will be even higher.

Cost savings
Minimal investments are possible due to the fact that the channels with the lowest cost are used first. In this case, only successful deliveries are charged.

The process of resending is carried out automatically and does not involve human participation. The system independently forwards messages to users according to a predetermined algorithm.

For the cascade, you can implement any route in any sequence. The order of their use depends on the goals and capabilities of the business. For example, a company can pass service traffic through authorization platforms, and advertising traffic through messengers.

Simple implementation
The forwarding is configured within 1-3 days and does not require significant time expenditure from the business. The company only provides the customers’ base, approves the budget and the sequence of channels.

An omnichannel communication is a worthy alternative to multichannel. You implement necessary channels not sequentially, but simultaneously. For example, you can connect Viber to send service messages, and send advertising campaigns in WhatsApp.

To ensure your cascade messaging works as expected you need to take into consideration a few crucial points, on which the final solution depends.

How to create a successful cascade campaign

Analyze your target audience: determine to whom you are going to contact, what are their preferences, what time is convenient for messaging.

Distribute over your customers: communicate to your clients’ base, that is, to those agreed to receive from you. Do not work with “cold” contacts — it is unproductive and unsafe.

Decide what you are going to communicate: depending on target audience and goals, think over the details: texting, sending time and frequency.

Fix what channels you are going to implement: specify the sequence of sending messages to these channels depending on the goals of communication and target audience.

Cooperate with a reliable communication platform: investigate the selected company for a license, certification and satisfied feedback.

ImLink offers companies of all sizes with effective communication solutions that help to perfectly connect, serve and support their customers. For developing reach, operations optimizing and user experience enhancing we provide companies with popular multichannel services such as SMS, Voice, messengers, chatbots.

How our service works in practice, please, read, in the below success case of one of our customers.

Case of successful cascade messaging in online school

Our client — online business school, reached ImLink with the request to establish high-quality and reliable communication with the customers to advertise educational courses, notify about the current schedule and current promotions in the company.

The problems they faced — decreasing customers’ interest, drop of sales and income.
The goal was to implement advanced advertising and notifying messaging to increase customers’ interest and sales.

ImLink applied the following messaging route: ViberWhatsAppSMS for:

  • advanced advertising
  • proactive notifications
  • two-way communication

The results they achieved after integrating the cascade solution:

Increases sales: growing number of students led to a 1,5 time increase in revenue
Cost reduction: smart route of messaging (from the most cost effective to the most expensive one) enabled budget savings
Improved customer loyalty: thanks to convenient communication and improved service, customers highly appreciated the courses services and began to recommend it
Rating growth: from 4,4 up to 4,8 during a few months

You can also reach such outstanding results — please, complete the form on our website. Our manager will contact you and offer the options for cooperation and connection.

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