SiGMA UAE Summit 2023

SiGMA Dubai Summit is the premier event for affiliates from all over the world to come together and collaborate on ways to maximize their potential.

SiGMA Dubai Summit took place 13-16 March in Dubai, Its insightful conference sessions were built around an innovative agenda powered by top-tier thought leaders, including this year’s keynote speaker, Gary Vee.

With a lineup of industry experts, attendees learned about the challenges and future opportunities for the MENA region and current industry trends, including Web 3, Virtual Reality (VR), affiliate marketing, and eSports. The conference delved into exciting topics such as generative AI and its applications, the rise of crypto payments, and the development of regulatory and legal frameworks for online gaming in the Middle East.

Our Team presented our innovative multichannel business platform, which provides outstanding communication with the customers in various channels. The company’s specialists introduced extended possibilities of our product, options for profitable connection and use of the tool. Our specialist also acquired valuable related knowledge during the seminars and workshops they attended in the frame of the event.

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