At the end of February our Team took part in a huge event with hot topics and active debates in the industry.

Mobile World Congress is a yearly world’s largest and most influential connectivity event. It joins thousands of people gathered to shape, debate and discuss the future of Telecom industry.

This year the conference took place 26-29 February in Barcelona, Spain. It was a tremendous event with more than 100K attendees, best industry speakers and business owners sharing their unique insights. The most burning topics were 5G and Beyond, Connecting Everything, Humanising AI, Manufacturing DX, and Our Digital DNA.

ImLink Team joined sessions and conversations at MWC Barcelona 2024 to share our research, insights and impacts, and enjoyed the chance to forge new partnerships. We enriched our networking opportunities in an environment built to facilitate powerful connections and get business done. Looking forward to MWC 2025 to continue exploring and expanding innovations with industry giants!

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