iGB Live

IGB Live

The hottest event of the season for ImLink Team was the IGB L!ve conference, held on 11-14 July in Amsterdam.

IGB L!ve is a well-known international platform that introduces innovations and trends in the development of the gaming business. The conference is held on an annual basis and gathers the largest representatives of the industry.

This year more than 6 thousand entrepreneurs and gaming service providers from all over the world took part in the event. The agenda of the meeting traditionally included key vectors and trends in the formation of the industry.

During the conference our Team attended several speeches and presentations on strategic market development. We also took an active part in discussions with leading experts and shared our opinions on effective tools and methods of working in the gaming business. One of the most memorable moments at IGB L!ve for our Team was a seminar on the use of artificial intelligence in gaming applications.

Summarizing, it is worthy to note that IGB L!ve 2023 was extremely productive and opened up new vectors of development and partnership for our company. We were charged with incredible energy, working strategies and contacts, which will be an excellent foundation for further scaling of our platform and your business!

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