Voice OTP — a right solution for safe and convenient customer authorization

Security is a key concept of modern digital space. Dozens of reliable tools have been created to protect confidentiality. One of them is the authorization algorithm, the correct configuration of which prevents third-party access to user data. In this article you will discover one of the best solutions for creating a safe information environment — Voice OTP.

What is Voice verification and how it works

Voice OTP is a service for delivery one time passwords via incoming calls. It is a set of figures the customer uses as a security code for a single login / session or transaction. It’s always unique and generated for accessing the network securely, that provides outstanding protection. The work principle is the following:

1. When a key reaches the service provider’s platform, it is converted into speech in real-time.
2. A call with the voice code comes to a subscriber’s smartphone.
3. The user answers, listens to the code and enters it.

There are five steps of Voice OTP verification code workflow: Request — Generation — Input — Verification — Expiration.

Benefits of Voice OTP for business

The service is not only a secure, fast and easy way to authenticate users. It is a convenient, beneficial and affordable tool for businesses, and here’s why:

  • High security: Voice authentication ensures enhanced security, which is a must-have in the modern digital environment, especially while exchanging sensitive data.
  • Cost efficiency: Voice OTP tool provides significant cost savings over other authentication options, which may require separate hardware / software purchases and shipping costs.
  • User-friendly format: The service is user-friendly — you should enter a code received on their device with no need to remember complex passwords.
  • Different usage scenarios: The next benefit is a wide range of usage scenarios: finance and banks, healthcare, E-commerce, State Institutions, Offline selling, etc.
  • Delivery guarantee: Fast and guaranteed delivery are also worthy of mention — the password is delivered within 3-5 seconds.
  • Convenient implementation: The tool is easy to integrate and implement into business strategy via API and does not need significant changes in existing IT infrastructure.

We recommend Voice OTP as one of the most beneficial services for authorization. However, the modern market offers a wide range of tools for this purpose.

Voice OTP channels analoges

Brands can authorize users using a wide range of tools to implement OTP solution — SMS texting, Messengers, Voice, etc.
Below are business communication channels commonly used for OTPs:

OTPs can be sent to the subscriber’s mobile phone via SMS — a convenient authorization way which guarantees password delivery.

FlashCall — another popular service for delivering one time passwords that are given in the last four digits of an incoming call number.

You can send OTP codes via WhatsApp — a popular messenger provides high security and fast message delivery.

Viber also supports safe and prompt user authorization via one time passwords, as well as service notifications and promotional messaging.

Optimize costs and expand reach by using Cascade forwarding. A messaging order is set so that channels with minimum pricing are primarily used. Smart route technology allows to reduce costs by 4-5 times compared to SMS.

How to choose a proper OTP solution for your business

As you see, there are multiple OTP delivery methods, each with its own advantages. Brands need to investigate their features, functionality and benefits and understand which approach best meets the needs.

  • Determine your particular business demands: for what you are going to implement the service — log in, confirm profile, make a purchase, etc.
  • Consider the security level your company needs: some OTP solutions offer more sophisticated measures than others.
  • Set up convenience and evaluate how simple it is to use and implement each OTP messaging method you are considering.
  • Fix the channels — consider all available messaging channels from the point of view, which of them are more popular among your target audience.
  • Fix the budget for the implementation and decide how much you plan to spend for the service, as the cost of the OTP solution is another crucial factor.
  • Cooperate with experienced service provider — it’s a wise idea to look into each OTP solution provider you’re thinking about, ask for references from coworkers in your sector and search for reviews from other businesses.

Test any service completely free of charge and choose the best authorization channel for your business on ImLink platform. Complete the form on our website and use advanced solutions to ensure data security and develop trustful relationships with your audience!

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