How to increase sales without discounts: TOP strategies and tools

What comes to mind to business owners when they intend to attract more customers and increase sales is to offer discounts. It is a really fast and easy way. But is it the best?

Today we will discover why this strategy is not a panacea and how to succeed in business without it.

Why discounts are not always good

There are companies which spend more time developing a price reduction system than upgrading a product or optimizing business processes. However, implementing such a strategy you may lose more than gain.

For example:
In most cases the client is ready for a purchase without a rebate, you just need to present properly and establish correct customers’ communication.

Value of your product / service
Theoretically, a company can completely abandon discounts if it creates a value strategy that outweighs the potential benefit of the price reduction for the buyer.

Competitive advantages
A high level of discounts will not fight competitors, but will only aggravate the situation. Constant low prices can make your audience think that nobody purchases from you due to poor quality.

Customers left
In order to keep or reactivate the buyers, businesses often announce attractive rebates. But if the clients get them all the time anyway, they probably won’t even respond to a very good offer.

Offering a reduction without an objective reason often causes the customer to understand that the product was initially overpriced.

There can be exceptions. The discount can be individually implemented and should be a very profitable exchange. For example, on the condition of payment for several expensive projects at once or if extending the project deadline is your fault.

How to increase sales without discounts

Review your business strategy and implement other effective customers’ attraction and sales increase tools.

1. Attract by other advantages
Unique packaging, more pleasant design, profitable offer, free delivery or symbolic gifts — all these tools can distinguish brand among competitors, increase loyalty and improve sales. All mentioned also serve to justify the appropriate pricing.

2. Show product / service value for the clients
Emphasize the great proposition, excellent care, innovative solutions, and the superior quality of your goods or services. Highlight aspects beyond price to differentiate the brand in the market. Arrange marketing activities — round tables, workshops, webinars. Sending customers personal invitations to such events will highlight their importance to your company and being privileged.

3. Enrich online presence
Keep a comprehensive website and social media communities with clear call-to-action, providing all advanced functionality for buying and interaction. Web resources should be easy to navigate, especially mobile versions, as most of the customers prefer purchasing via smartphones.

4. Implement original value-added content
Various and interesting messaging will attract the clients’ attention and stimulate deeper investigation of your products and services. Educating and entertaining articles is also a good solution to build strong audience sympathy.

5. Use modern messaging tools to improve customers’ relationships
Messaging channels are outstanding sales instruments. Evaluate all available communication methods from the point of clients’ convenience and choose those corresponding to your goal most of all.

Having obtained solid relationships with audience, no discounts will be necessary. Proper and outstanding interaction develops strong and long-term connection with clients, achieves their satisfaction and loyalty.

What to implement to increase sales without discounts

1. Communication methods, improving and developing your brand positioning: integrate all types of messaging into your marketing strategy — transactional, advertising, authorisation. Make your customers happy with a personalized approach.

2. Use popular communication channels for maximum beneficial messaging: SMS , WhatsApp, Viber, Cascade and others provide advertising tools, direct purchasing possibility, as well as proactive interaction that will strengthen your relationship with clients and protect from their leave.

3. Cooperation with an experienced communication services’ provider: cooperate with a reliable messaging platform to apply the solution. For correct choice and expert introduction of tools apply to professionals.

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