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SEBCP (Sino-European Blockchain Cocktail Party) is a party
that will take place in Paris at the Paris Soluxe Restaurant 
(The former residence of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, 1833-1896)
on the 20th july 2018.



imLink Consulting is proud to host this COCKTAIL & CONFERENCE.


This meetup is open to :


Project Founders

Potential Entreprenors
Skillful Technogist

For Investors

international investors

Entreprises of blockchain



When dream lightens reality, we can better this world

From the perspective of IoT structural evolution, Int is the first bottom up new-generation blockchain of things (BoT) communication standard and base application platform

INT provides a token-incentive on TCP/IP base architecture for IoT which is designed in decentralized way to support the entire new IoT ecosystem.

This new business model, molded by IoT devices, has open up a whole new market.

Yin Xiangyu

Yin Xiangyu

Head of INT China

A domestic IoT research and development practitioner in the earliest period, Internet serial entrepreneur, Apache Mynewt code contributor. From 2003, Mr. Yin has participated in the design and development of wearable remote life test instrument based on GPRS, anesthesia depth tester,early diabetic neuropathy tester,smart home and power carrier system. Later,he began his own business in Internet industry. In 2013, he developed a IoT device of wechat.

Feier Chen

Feier Chen

CMO of INTchain China


She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and has extensive practical experience in the cross-border integration of real estate, finance, Internet and government network.



SEC, the first block chain project, aims to promote e-commerce socializing and decentralization


SEC is a distributed common chain, distributed solution to transaction trust, to meet the decentralization of e-commerce, social, content e-commerce revolution. SEC token is a proof of stake in the uniform use, consumption, and transaction of the SEC block chain.

Li Mengran (Chong Lang)

Li Mengran (Chong Lang)

head of technology landing in China

CEO of maizuo social ecommerce, the earliest real time linux developer in China, and an Internet serial entrepreneur


Elastos is the safe and reliable internet of the future.

Built utilizing the blockchain, this technological breakthrough provides the first completely safe environment on the web where decentralized applications are detached from the internet while also permitting full scalability to millions of users. Elastos enables the generation of wealth through ownership and exchange of your data and digital assets.



Elastos France


  • 18:00-18:30- Arrival and Refreshments

  • 18:30-18:40 - Introduction ImLink

  • 18:40-19:10 - INTchain presentation

  • 19:10-19:25 - Elastos presentation

  • 19:35-19:50 - Break

  • 19:50 -20:20- SEC presentation

  • 20:20-21:00 - Other presentations

  • 21:00-22:00- Networking & Cocktail


Paris Soluxe Restaurant

59 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris, France

Paris Soluxe Restaurant
59 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris, France
(The former residence of Alfred Bernhard Nobel)



Sino-European Blockchain Cocktail Party

20th july 2018 at the Paris Soluxe Restaurant

30€ per person

Desserts and drinks are included


First 36 All Free

Want to become a speaker ? Contact us !